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Smile Newsletter

Issue 14 March 2008


Many of you experienced the earthquake in the UK at 1am Wednesday morning on the 27th February. From the sample of 100 patients who have had their filling loosened by the tremor we estimate the severity of the earthquake to be 5.2 on the DT (Dental Tremor) scale.

We have a number of devices attached to the patients' false teeth throughout the East Midlands which provide valuable vibration information to the seismologists and early warning of large quakes. If you wear dentures and would like to be involved in the earthquake monitoring scheme please ask at the reception for further details.

Patients poetry

Many thanks to June Hudspeth who sent this in after her check up. For those of you who see Mr Parmar or Mr Chand, please substitute your dentist where Mr Sagoo is mentioned.

You feel quite faint and as pale as a ghost
your six month reminder has come in the post.
Don't put it off and ask "what shall I do"?
Just put your faith in Mr Sagoo.
Put on your bib and don your dark glasses,
you're not looking cool, but that's not what matters.
I can't say I envy his chosen career
looking down on a patient who's trembling in fear,
while he's drilling and filling you'll be silently praying
is this going to hurt and how much you'll be paying.
You shouldn't have eaten those toffees last week
rolling that sugar all round your teeth.
Mr Sagoo says "rinse please" - oh what elation,
silly to worry and feel trepidation!
"See you in six months" the brave soldier you are
teeth flashing like headlights full beam on your car.
Jane Hudspeth

New equipment

In March / April we should be finished replacing the Castellini dental unit at the Basford Practice for a new Castellini unit.

Email: js.sagoo@btconnect.com